Dueling Dunkel Fermenters

I brewed a 12 gallon batch of dunkel last Wednesday and split it into two carboys. I pitched equal amounts of the yeast starter into each and then placed them into “swamp coolers”. One is actually an extreme cube cooler and the other just a big plastic tub. This was the first time I’d utilized the tub for a lager fermentation and will likely be the last.

The one in the cooler got down to 48 before I pitched and I was able to keep a consistent 50-52 degrees as usual. The tub was a real pain. I got it down to 52ish and pitched but it was really tough to keep it around 54-56 for the last 5 days.

Of course the warmer wort kicked off fermentation about 12 hours sooner and the krauesen has now fallen. The one in the cooler started later and still has a nice head of K on it.

I’m assuming they’ll both turn out OK since the yeast, wyeast 2206, temp range is 46-58 but it will be interesting to compare the two once they’re lagered.

Anyone have experience with 2206 at a slightly warmer temp like that?