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Ducted fan!

Ok, sorry for the lack of pictures but I’m building a keezer that will dispense out the side in a closet to taps in my kitchen. I made a duct out of rigid insulation behind the taps down to the keezer, & have a fan to circulate the cool air up to the taps.
using a 3 inch dryer duct, where would you put the fan for best performance? I was thinking of putting it on the bottom of the freezer because it’s coldest, up to the side of tap #1. (there are 4 :wink: )
From the bottom, should the fan “suck” or “blow”? When you finish laughing try to give a serious answer!
Again, sorry for the lack of pics. Any & all ideas or suggestions are appreciated…

Guess who!

LOL, Like mentioned in the micromatic link I gave you before. It is best to install a “return” source so it is forced from the source side and has a place to return into which can be accomplished with a length of 1" blow off tube or other that is cheap.

So fan blows into space, return tube deposits it back into the coldbox. Perfect circle and most efficent method.

Yes, a cooling loop is the way to go, with the fan pushing cold air into the duct going to the taps.

The main duct is quite large, about 4" x 15", and slightly larger right behid the taps. With the 3" dryer hose acting as the supply, there is plenty of space left for the return air. I was just not sure wether it would make a difference if the fan blew from the bottom of the freezer up to the taps, or blew down into the bottom drawing warmer air from above. Now that I write it out, perhaps it doesn’t make a difference? What do you think? How would you do it?

Ok after thinking this over If I understand you right you have opened up a large opening like a box extending from fridge to wall and the fan will blow right to the base of shanks, leaving the air to return naturally into the large expanse of box/coldbox?

OR are you using just a 3" duct coming from the coldbox into an external pink box built behind the taps?

A drawing or photo would really help to bring you the best answers…

I took him to mean that the 3" pushed duct had the fan sealed to it at the end in the freezer.
In which case it would work fine.

[quote=“Scott Miller”]I took him to mean that the 3" pushed duct had the fan sealed to it at the end in the freezer.
In which case it would work fine.[/quote]

You’ve got it Scott. The 3" duct has the fan sealed to the end which I plan to put near the bottom of the freezer and run through the main duct up to just below the taps. The main duct being 4" x 15" should allow plenty of room for the 4 beer lines and the flow of return air. I’m trying to figure out how to get the pictures off my phone and attached, but no luck so far…

Sounds pretty cool. What are you insulating the duct with?

3/4 inch rigid insulation doubled up. I glued it together with liquid nails and taped all the edges with aluminum duct tape. Anyone know an easy way to shrink a picture to the limit allowed on this forum? I’d love to post some photos but they’re too big…

I crop my pics to acceptable size on my droid.
Before that, I used some generic photo software.

Open photo with paint, Select radio bar: Image, In drop down select: Stretch/Skew.
Once into Stretch/Skew you will see two values in place (100)% for both horizontal and vertical enter (50)% into both and hit OK. This will reduce by 50% if the image is still too big do this once again to reduce a further 50% until you find the size you wish.

Let’s see if it worked…

Looks like it worked, How about some pics of the actual brass tacks you were speaking about. The front looks nice.

Very nice Demus!

sorry I’m bad with computer stuff. I’ll try & get some pics of the “guts”…

I can barely do either. :smiley:

About to embark on a similar installation. On my end, we’re tossing the keezer in the closet of an outdoor “shed” (for lack of a better description), and feeding the lines through the uninsulated closet wall to taps behind the bar. Would love to check out the pics of the guts. Congrats. The front looks truly amazing. One of a kind.

I was cautioned against uninsulated lines for issues with foaming caused by getting warm. In CT you might also have issues with freezing. How far will the beer have to travel to the taps?
I’ll work on those pics if you’re interested…

Definitely interested. Thanks.

On the freezing, my plan is to move it into the garage during the winter.

The lines will be probably two feet at most – and could probably be even less. Wondering, given it’s a relatively short distance, if I can make do with larger holes in the side of the keezer (the 2x4) to fit the pipe insulation. Didn’t think about the fan until I read your post…

Appreciate your thoughts…

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