Duck Rabbit ales are tasty

I live in Atlanta and have sampled wide variety of these North Carolina ales. If you have the opportunity, you must try their porter and milk stout at least. The Amber Ale is also great, tastes a bit like a Highland Gaelic Ale if any Southerners have had that.

Sadly, their web site has not been updated since 2006, so you can’t even learn about what they make nowadays. I think they make 17 varieties now. The Giant liquor store in Toco Hill has a lot of them.

I was inspired to make a milk stout after downing a case of theirs this winter.

Anyone else tried them? I wish they had a better marketing department and more of a draft presence in Atlanta.

Great stuff. Their milk stout is the best. Chewy and bittersweet. I also love their brown ale. If memory serves, they specialize in all things DARK, whatever the style.