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Dryhop and cold crash

Does the temperature affect dry hopping?

I am about to dryhop a wheat beer about 3-4 days before bottling and then plan to cold crash it for 24 hrs or so before bottling. Will the temperature change get in the way of the hoppy effects?

Ian, for the Red Line Beer Project

Your plan sounds good to me. A lot of people cold crash after dry hopping. They say it will help drop the hops out of suspension. That has not been my experience personally, but my wife tells me I’m not normal.

If you’re worried about the effects of cold crashing on the flavor and aroma compounds after dry hopping, you can find something else to worry about. :slight_smile: Chilling your beer is among the best things you can do to preserve it.

My palate may not be refined as well as some others, but i cold crash after dry hopping with very good results. Definitely helps clear the beer also. As KC said, i wouldn’t worry about it, but enjoy the hell out of your creation! :cheers:

After you keg or bottle and keep it cold you are cold crashing anyways.
Give it a little time, your beer will clear.

I apologize for a newbie question, but what is cold crashing? How do you do it and what results do you hope to get from it?

Putting your beer at very cold or near freezing temperatures for several days so that more solids quickly drop out if solution

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