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Dry Yeast!

Hi guys ! Only one brew under my belt and so for so good ! It was (The Irish Ale kit) - Ordered my second kit from Northern Brewer’s ( the American Wheat kit ) - Opened the kit and the Dry yeast packet ( Safale US-05 ) said’s to store the yeast in a cool dry place. The yeast that came with the Irish Ale kit ( Danstar Nottingham) said to refrigerate till needed - which i did. and It might be a while before i can start on the Wheat kit / Should i also put this Dry Yeast packet in the refrigerator ? Does it make that much of a difference ? :?

I’ve heard it’s shelf stable, but it should last longer chilled. It’s in a cooler at my LHBS.

Unless you don’t have the room :wink: , I’d keep it in the reefer.

@ - MRV - Thanks for the info - I think I will kept it in the Refrigerator ( The ICE BOX ) if your old school like me ! - Lol ! - Just wasn’t sure ? Because one packet said to put in frig and the other didn’t !

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