Dry yeast?

I just a got a extract kit (a scotish ale) I payed for the liquid yeast 1729. I t also came with a dry yeast. I have never used dry yeast I am not on this one but I noticed that it just says "Muntons active brewing yeast on the package. Does dry yeast not come with a style like Scottish or american ale.

Just curious.

Probably a generic Englishy ale yeast. To be honest, a buddy of mine had a small collection of those from various kits (yellow package, right?), never used one that I know of. Should be safe in the trash.

Yeah it is yellow think I might try it with a bread

Some companies make dry yeast without an obvious style indication. Muntons makes a couple of these. What you got is generally regarded as bad yeast. It has trouble working with the complex sugars in all-malt beer, and it is suggested for use when table sugar is a significant source of fermentable sugar. I’d call the company and tell them that you ordered liquid yeast. If you ordered from NB, they’ll probably send you your liquid yeast in a hurry. If I were you, I’d wait until I got different yeast before brewing.

Thanks I actually got it from a local HB store, I left with liquid yeast in the box just curious why they would give me the dry.

Anyway as a fun experiment I drained my sludge into an unsanatized pitcher and pitched the dry yeast on that as open fermantation just to see what happens. Been about four hours and it appears to be showing signs of doing something and no crazy off smells.

Ok I sprinkled the yeast on top of the wort and it has been 6 hrs now. A krausen has formed and there is obvious fermentation goin on. Strong yeast smell, I will be checking it again tomarrow I am leaveing it in the kitchen on the shelf not even hiding it from the light.

I ncontrast the wort in the carboy with the liquid yeast is slow, the temp went up to 68 when I pitched it was at 66 so I know things are working because the basement is cooler the upstairs. The yeast has not formed a krausen yet but I saw some activity in the airlock.

This is pretty cool so far I am having fun watching and smelling the beer as it goes, I watched the open fermentation video on this site and I wish I would have taken some care in with sanatizing and all. My open vessell is nothing more than bud lite pitcher, it has about 40 oz of beer in it so nothing is wasted it was all the crud at the bottum of the pot after racking the 5.5 gal into the carboy.

Scottish Ale’s generally call for a long psuedo-lagering phase… Perhaps hold on to the “meh” yeast and throw that in at bottling? If your going to age it for 2-3 months it would be a good idea to do that anyway, and at that point even those yeasts cant do anything to hurt the beer.

Thanks trimack, but I through it on top of a pitcher of wort to do open fermentation in a pitcher just for fun.

This morning I scraped the sludg off the top and than gently stirred still smells yeasty and not bad. This is pretty interesting to see the whole process in small scale in my kitchen. I figure this is kinda what a yeast starter would be

A lot of brewers will do a small batch (low gravity, not small volume) as a starter for a big beer. I always do this for my barley wines and anything else I plan on clocking in over 1.080.

As far as I can tell its another excellent excuse to make up a batch of beer :cheers:

Munton’s leaves a slightly higher F G than some others. I split a batch of bitter and the S-04 part went down to 1.010 the Munton’s part went down to 1.013, from 1.040. I’m thinking it would work okay in a mild.