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Dry yeast / pumpkin ale


Few weeks back I brewed the pumpkin ale extract kit. Added 3 cans of canned pumpkin and two pounds of rahr 6 row per the northern brewer instructions. The O.G. was 1.077. I happened to have 2 packets of safale us05, so I pitched both packets. After two weeks at 73 d F, S.G. was 1.018. I went ahead and racked to a secondary fermenter. The sample in the hydrometer tasted awesome, and was a bit carbonated too.

I got to thinking about the amount of yeast I pitched, and two questions came up. 1) was it necessary to pitch two packs of dry yeast with an O.G. Of 1.077? 2) is it possible to make a yeast starter with dry yeast?

Many thanks,

“technically” you under pitched. I would have used 1 pack myself.

Read Mr Malty’s site for how many cells are in dry/liquid packs and how much yeast is recommend.

Great site! I wasn’t aware of it - thanks.

Loved this beer the first time I tried from CraftBeerKings. I like the cinnamon and of course, the pumpkin flavor (especially this coming Halloween)

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