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Dry yeast in summer?

I see that all the NB kits recommend dry yeast in summer. I guess that is if you need to have the yeast shipped they are concerned about sitting in a truck for days at 90 deg ?

Do you guys switch to dry or just get liquid from a local source ?

I think the next batch we brew may be an Oktoberfest Larger and it will be brewed most likely in the summer at this point. I do have a nice chest freezer and temp control for the lager fermentation. I can prob get yeast at a local brew shop, I just need to make sure they have what I need, when I need it. I usually just get it with the kit. It will be all grain.


Your local shop gets yeast same way as you would either FedEx or Ups. So what’s the difference if you order it or they. I don’t switch yeast for summer I do order from companies that use ice packs and don’t charge me for them. I been thinking about brewing a Oktoberfest for little while what’s your recipe

When it comes to lagers I’m a fan of 34/70 (or other dry yeast). It’s much easier to buy 2 packets rather than building up a liquid strain using 1L, then 2L, then 4L. Then you can save the slurry without worrying about shipping.

Now, if I’m brewing something that requires a liquid strain I will buy local, or pay to have the ice packs and insulated packaging. Here in Columbus I’ve got 2 major online reatailers that can get my supplies delivered in a matter of 2 days.

Now is time to delve into propagating/culturing yeast… Plenty of info out there to help you get started… And a few here that also use that to extend/prolong your yeast… Sneezles61

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34/70 is my goto lager yeast. My MO is two packages in a low gravity or 3 gallon batch then harvest the yeast for bigger beers or batches.

I rely on my harvested yeast to avoid ordering liquid yeast, most of the time, during the summer. I’m close enough to NB to get the slow ship orders usually within three days of the order leaving the warehouse. I’ve found that once the cold pack is no longer cold they absorb heat and become very warm. The last time I had to summer order the packaging and the yeast were cool while the cold pack was hot.

Me got my yeast from yeastbay. It does come in a box nice with ice packs. Do send it fedex. Within three days here on island. And still nice cold.

Thanks. I am new to brewing and very new to all grain so I am just using kits from NB right now. It will probably take me a while before I really start experimenting.

There are so many great dry yeasts available these days, I intend to convert nearly every recipe I brew to dry yeast going forward. I will be running experiments to figure out my favorites.

That being said, I don’t think a couple days of hot temperatures will necessarily kill yeast, whether it’s liquid or dry. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it unless maybe in the bottom third of the nation with a very long trek to get to your location. If only a day or two or even three, I think it’d be alright in most cases. But, of course, proceed at your own risk and learn from your own experience.

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I have never received yeast with one of the freezer packs that wasn’t defrosted and warm. That said, none of the yeast was damaged. Only had them with liquid yeast.

Dry yeast seems pretty much indestructible. I also have been moving to to use them more and more. Back in the dark ages of brewing you tossed out the dry yeast because it was not very reliable. Now there is great dry yeast and it’s way easier to use.

Ya, I may just stick with the dry. I only used liquid once, it was fun and interesting, but I can’t say I tasted any difference in the end product. Every once in a while I read a review and someone is raving about the liquid yeast over the dry, but it seems there are so many variables going on batch to batch with my brews that I can’t tell if my yeast choice makes any detectable difference.

I’d suggest just doing dry yeast now during the warm months… Do read up on harvesting and try it out… You’ll learn alot by sniffing during fermentation… And you’ll become very keen to sanitation… Its not hard to do, you need to pay attention to details, and before too long… you’ll be saving money and be bragging about the cycles of yeast use! Sneezles61

I used US-05 pretty much exclusively for the first year plus of brewing. I’ve used several liquid yeasts and recently I’ve been experimenting with several different Omega strains to try them out last couple batches. I actually ordered two kits Friday before I left the country on Sunday and NB shipped it Tuesday and it arrived Thursday. My dear sweet charming children were all over my wife saying: “Mommy! You need to get Daddy’s yeast into the fridge! The box says ASAP!!” :innocent:



They got your back

Apparently wifey doesn’t :grinning:

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