Dry yeast in a high-grav

Yesterday I brewed the new Cascadian DIPA, with a few recipe changes to suit what I had on hand (read, what I need to get rid of). Therefore, instead of the yeast they call for, I hydrated and dumped in 2 packs of S-05, my house yeast for american ales. I have never had trouble with S-05, but I have also never pitched it in something this big before (1.085, give or take), and I have had trouble in the past with starters so I prefer to pitch dry if possible. with 24 hours sitting there, there is almost no activity… is it too much grav for the yeast? everything else was spot on: hydrated at 105 and pitched at wort temp of 67… let me know what you think.

this is not the best answer and someone probably has a better one, but two packs should be PLENTY for this gravity of a beer. I would say one pack is an adequate pitch for up to a 1.070 beer, maybe higher. I pitched 2 packs of Notty into a 1.15 braggot, and it tore right through it.

Its just in the growth phase I bet. Give it another 24 and it will be gurgling.

FWIW, BYO did a study that a panel of Grand Master-level BJCP’s couldn’t tell the difference between beer made with rehydrated yeast and those with dry yeast pitched directly into the fermenter without the 150 degree petri dish nonsense.

When you say “new”, is there a kit or recipe for this? Just curious as I was thinking of brewing one

When you say “new”, is there a kit or recipe for this? Just curious as I was thinking of brewing one[/quote]

It’s the cascade mountain west coast- I think they added it in the last several weeks. It’s pricey because of all the hops (FOUR oz cascade dry hop- holy crap!!) but I brewed 4 batches of dead ringer for my wedding and had a bunch of hops leftover so it was ideal. I also subbed a pound of honey for half the sugar addition… may give it more of a Hopslam-like taste. So we’ll see. If it ever starts :roll:

Wow, I still cannot seem to find it. Can you post a link to the kit?


http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/brew ... t-kit.html


Sorry, when I first read the description you posted, I thought you said “Dark Cascadian”, so I was looking for a dark or black IPA.

Thanks for the link

I’m not concerned about seeing activity until 72-80 hours have passed.

That should be enough yeast.
You hydrated at 105 and pitched into 67 wort. The drop in temperature may have slowed it up a bit. I recently did a barleywine of 1.082 (had to add some honey to get it up 1.092 on the second day). It was a three gallon batch which I cooled down to 62. I then took a pack of S-04 straight from the fridge at 46 and sprinkled it on. I had signs of fermentation in three hours and after a week it was down to 1.018.

I’m a big newbie here, but I read all the posts and was wondering the outcome of your brew?

My only thought is that hydrating at 105 may have killed off some of the yeast? Whenever I rehydrate with dry yeast, I shoot for about 80. I’ve also come to reply on Mr. Malty’s yeast pitching calculator which in your case calls for 3.4, 5g yeast packets (which does seem like a lot).

My 2 cents anyway.