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Dry yeast improvements

I got back into homebrewing in January after a decade plus out of it. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in dry yeast. I used to never use dry. Seemed to take 2-3 days to get started. Fast forward to now, I’ve used the Safale dry yeast four times now and it works fantastic. On average fermentation has started around 6-8 hours, last brew began fermentation in just under 2 HOURS. And I’ve not used a starter for any of the batches. Pouch to carboy.


Agreed. I love Safale’s 34/70 lager yeast. I’ve gravitated toward rehydrating the dry yeast under the general heading of “might help, won’t hurt” . It’s pretty easy.

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1363 characters in that link!

Just kidding I didn’t really count.



Thanks @uncdeo for the (amazingly long) link. So cooler tap water, post boiling with 0.5 grams of Epsom salts/half quart to rehydrate.
I’ve been using tap water all along at about 95* but I’ll try the MgSO4 addition.


:flushed: Sneezles61

Dry yeast has improved dramatically over the years. Used to be the yeast came in a packet taped to the inside of the plastic lid on the can of LME in a kit. You basically tossed it and bought liquid.

@uncdeo 's article despite the link length was interesting. Room temp water and Epsom salts. Now to figure out how much epsom salt to add to a smaller amount of water.

Rough volume-to-weight estimate is 1/8 tsp= 1gm. It is just a guesstimate, but the article indicates there is some leeway. I think I’ll give it a try next time I rehydrate.

After a fairly long liquid yeast snob phase. US-05 is now pretty much my go-to for IPAs. And SA-04 for stouts.

I think I still prefer liquid yeasts for Belgians though.

Brewed a Belgian last month with dry Safbrew Be-256 and it turned out great! I am doing small batches right now (2.5 gal) so that probably makes a difference.
I boil my water and then let it cool to the temp that I am going to ferment at before re-hydrating and it seems to work well.

I’ve posted/commented on here about how dry yeast is a beast. I had a packet laying around that was 6+ years expired. Thought what the heck and pitched it. Within hours I had visiable krausen. 6+ years expired… just wish they had a larger selection.

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