Dry yeast added at bottling

Have a Helles that I have been lagering for 2 months. I have some Safe Ale 5. How many grams is needed to rehydrate and add when I bottle. Some say it is not necessary and others do. I usually don’t if it is a month or shorter in time. Is it a good idea if it has been a longer lagering time to add some yeast? :cheers:

You can add some if you want, but it really is optional. Just a small sprinkle of like half a gram is plenty for carbonation purposes. Seriously. You’re not trying to do serious fermentation. You just want to make sure there’s a couple of live cells in there to finish the natural carbonation. Just a small sprinkle like fairy dust is enough, if you even bother to add any at all, which you really don’t need to. I wouldn’t add any unless lagering for more than 2.5 or 3 months.

Adding yeast any sooner than three months is a waste.

Thanks for the advice guys–guess I won’t worry about adding any yeast. :cheers: