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Dry vs. Liquid yeast -- Flavor difference?

Just how much difference in flavor is there when one uses a different yeast?

Last fall we brewed our second extract kit, NB’s Dead Ringer with the Wyeast option. Made a starter, full boil…all went well.
We love this beer and are down to our last treasured bottles, so I ordered another Dead Ringer kit.

The kit arrived today and much to my surprise, I must have screwed up and neglected to use the drop down for the Wyeast option and ended up with the Safale US-05 dry yeast option…

We’ve only done six batches and have never used dry yeast, but don’t mind trying it. I know to rehydrate it first and all that, but my concern is, will the beer taste much different?

The Misses REALLY likes this beer and I don’t want to disappoint… :lol:

I can’t attest to the difference in taste, but I’ve only used the dry yeast and that beer is AWESOME! My favorite IPA to make.


The yeast you use definitely influences the flavor of the beer. Whether that’s a large or small difference depends on the 2 strains of yeast you’re comparing. US-05 is a fairly neutral yeast, although it does tend to produce very restrained esters. Comparing it to WY1056, WLP001, or Pacman there would be some minor differences, but nothing that would greatly alter the flavor of the beer.

Thank you both!
We will proceed with the dry and see how it goes…

Besides, no matter what, I am sure it will be quite drinkable… :cheers:

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