Dry taste problem

The day before Thanksgiving I was preparing to brew a Fat Tire clone and just as I started the mash, my buddy dropped by for beer and cigars (obvious bad ending…).

Long story short, the mash sat for about 10 hours at which point I’m starting the boil around 12:30 am. Assuming I won’t last much longer (and having trouble navigating the kitchen), I cut the boil short to only 40 minutes, cool it and pitch it.

A few weeks later as I’m getting ready to bottle, I realize that a large portion of the leaf hops used in the boil, made it’s way into the primary. The initial taste of the beer is good, but there is a very distinctive hoppy dryness at the end, that I’m pretty sure was not built into the recipe.

Do you think it was the short boil or the boiled hops?

I’m assuming dry-hopping wouldn’t have this affect, correct?


Maybe the boiled hops, maybe the extra long mash making the beer more fermentable and increasing the perception if dryness.

For what it’s worth, I have a stout that just came on-line which is also very dry, with a sort of astringent mouthfeel.

I didn’t mash it for 10 hours, but a friend did come over and I got distracted and let the mash get down into the low 140s. I don’t think I let too much hop material get into the primary.