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Dry spicy?

Hello I have a question about adding spice’s dry like Dry hopping. See I have a pumpkin beer that done fermenting an I did a taste test an it’s little underwhelming in the pumpkin spice department so I am wanted to know how many teaspoons would one want to start out with when adding the spice’s dry?

You might want to consider making a tincture of those spices with Vodka. Let it soak for a week or so. Then run it through a coffee filter to remove the spent spice particles. Then add measured amounts to a glass of the beer until you get the amount of spice you’re looking for. Then calculate what the whole batch would need, and add that amount. Everyone’s idea of enough spice is different. The only drawback is that some brewers don’t like the heat of the Vodka in the beer. In a pumpkin spice beer, I’d say it’ll be less noticeable.

I stopped using vodka for this purpose and use bourbon instead.
You can add whatever you wish but I think you’ll find 9 out of 10 tasters prefer to be underwhelmed by spice rather then drinking sandlike spice particles.


Oh yeah. This. If mine turns out like a decent American Amber with a hint of spice, orange hue and enhanced mouthfeel from the pumpkin I’m happy.

You might try adding Captain Morgan - Jack-O Blast Pumpkin Spiced Rum. Instead of soaking the spices your self. It will add alittle kick and spice to your brew. This would be the easiest way and wont have the mess of adding dry spices and getting something to over powering and floaters in your beer What I would do is draw a sample off the pumpkin beer you brewed and put in a few shot glasses pour 1oz a piece and add measured amounts of the rum till you get the taste that your looking for. There is 781.3 fluid ounces of beer in 5 gallons take that times the measured amount of rum that you liked and add to your beer.

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