Dry mead - Spices?


I’ve got a three gallon batch of dry mead waiting to be bottled. I’m planning to use 16oz. swing-top bottles. I was thinking it could use a little spice, and I wanted to get peoples thoughts on adding a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg or whatever (maybe finely ground pumpkin pie spices?) in the bottles before I clamp them. I’m not planning on adding sugar for carbonation, but it’s not out of the question either. Just wondering if anyone here has done this before, what spices you used and how much, and how were the results? Also, yea or nay on the carbonation? Thanks!

Allspice, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and tumeric are a few of the spices that I would recommend exploring for meads. The amount needed will completely depend on the quality or the spice used.

Hadn’t considered turmeric, but that would be interesting. I went ahead and put a half tsp each of cinnamon and nutmeg in my 3 gallons–I had a small sample and added a pinch of these and it tasted good, so I decided to use these but keep it subtle. Will post results!

If you want to try something very unique, try a batch using a small amount of saffron.

That sounds intriguing, yet confusing to the palate–I’ll keep it in mind!