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Dry Irish stout Question

Started my Dry Irish Stout on Friday 12/30/2011 . My OG was 1.060 recipe said 1.042, I did steep my specialty grain slightly longer by accident. Possibly about 25 minutes instead of 20 minutes.
I had very active fermentation after about 24 hours, no pause even in the airlock pretty much a steady stream of air coming out.
Now 3 days later there is activity in the airlock once every 5 minutes, I know that doesnt mean it stopped fermenting. So decided to take a gravity reading its now at 1.020, will check in 2 days and see where it is then.
Is this normal for stouts ( my first stout) to have very active fermentation from start and then slow down withing 2-3 days?

I pitched the yeast at 66 degrees, Fermenting bucket sits at a steady 68 degrees i followed recipe to the teeth except for the steeping.


Fermentation varies. Some yeast are quick and some are longer. Also, aeration and and the amount of yeast pitched will effect the length and the quality of your fermentation. Did you adjust your gravity for Temp? What yeast did you use? I would let it sit for 3 weeks total and then take a final reading, then bottle. Dark beers have a lot of un-fermentables, and will sometimes have higher final gravities.

I just brewed Porter with White Labs 001 on Thursday and it is just settled down, but it will sit for three weeks before I take a reading. Give it time.

Thank you,
And no I did not compensate the gravity according to temp so that could explain the slight higher OG.
I used SafeAle-04. After I took my reading, I rocked the bucket gently, and Voila few hours later I once again got bubbles coming through airlock. Will be sitting on this one for 3 weeks like you suggested before like you suggested. Thank You.

I had a similar experience with the Dry Irish Stout Kit. I brewed it up in the afternoon on New Year’s Day. It was going like an absolute tornado yesterday. Today most of the krausen has fallen down and I’m seeing maybe 2 bubbles through the airlock per hour.

I’m not worried. I’m definitely a newbie…this is just my 5th extract batch…but most of what I’ve done so far has fermented pretty aggressively in the first few days and then slowed considerably. I’ve never seen such an abrupt change as with this Stout…but what are you gonna do?

My OG was 1.042, when the wort was about 68 degrees. It was up to 70 when it was really rolling yesterday, and has now settled back to about 68.

Don’t worry, have a homebrew!

Tell us how it turns out…

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