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Dry Irish Stout conditioning

Howdy all,

So, I have some Dry Irish Stout (extract kit) that I’d like to have ready for St. Patty’s Day. I transferred to secondary last weekend after 2 weeks in primary and I’m wondering if I should leave it there for another week, then transfer to bottles, or if should I transfer to bottles this weekend for 2 weeks of carbing and further conditioning. I’m leaning towards the latter, but thought I’d get input from the boards.


Bottle it this weekend. I have mine in the primary for 3 weeks now and will be kegging it this weekend.

Sweet. Any weekend involving beer-making activities is a good weekend!

In two weeks a dry stout is ready to bottle. The only difference is how much yeast you’ll have in the bottom. You’d have been better off letting the beer bottle condition for four weeks, two is kind of minimal for carbonation and dropping the yeast.

Well, I don’t anticipate finishing all 5 gallons St. Patty’s day weekend. At the very least, I’ll put aside a sixer for the long haul.

You’re ahead of me. I was sick for a week and didn’t get to brew mine until this past Monday. Going to primary for 2 weeks. Cold crash 48 hours and force carb. It will be my quickest turnaround brew… just hoping the WLP023 isn’t as slow as it’s looking right now.

I brewed one recently that is going to end up in the primary for four weeks before I can bottle which will leave only about a week to carb.
Keeping my fingers crossed. :expressionless:

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