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Dry hops sunk to bottom of carboy in 1 day

3 oz pellets added directly to secondary, as I have done before. Only this time, in just one day all the hop marterial has sunk right to the bottom instead of remaining at the surface.

I am keeping the secondary at 55 deg. and the primary ferment did go for a full 4 weeks, so my assumption is that there is very little CO2 in solution and the slightly cooler temp allowed the hops to sink.

I guess there is no less surface contact with the beer at the bottom than at the top of the carboy, so it probably does not matter. I have been giving it the occasional gentle swirl (it’s stoppered tight with no airlock) to agitate the hops back up.

Any issues with this that I am not thinking of?

No problem to dry hop with the hops at the bottom. When I dry hop in the keg I put a weight in a muslin bag to sink 'em from the start.

I don’t think swirling is necessary or helpful. But, I don’t suppose it will hurt either as long as you are not introducing oxygen.

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