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dry hopping

I have a very full carboy of the black IPA (accidentally added too much water to the wort). I dry hopped it the other day & the hops are just floating at the top & appears to be bubbling a bit. Also has bubbles coming up from the side of the beer (kinda like when you degas wine, for the winemakers here). My question is more related to the hops at the top. Are they suppose to settle? Should I mix them in? Do I need to rack it 2 more times instead of one? I mention how full the carboy is because the top of the beer is pretty much in the neck along with the hops. For now, I plan on racking into another carboy, then racking into the keg a day or 2 later. I’m concerned that if I don’t rack twice, I’ll pull too much hops in my keg & plug the lines.

Are you dry hopping with whole or pellet hops?

Cold crash it for 1 or 2 days they will all settle

If you can’t cold crash just put a piece of paint strainer/pantyhose/cheese cloth over the racking cane/auto siphon and it will filter out most of the junk. It’s a black IPA, you won’t see what does get through anyway :slight_smile:

I’m using pellet hops.

I’m not set up to EASILY cold crash. I could try putting it in my keezer, but it’s not easy dropping the kegs in place, let alone a glass carboy.

I might try Therese cloth thing & see how it works. Not sure how I can do that. Maybe leave the bag attached to the top of the keg & run the beer through the bag?..hmmmm… I like it

relax, brew on, my brother

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