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Dry hopping

This will be the first time I am dry hopping a brew. I’ve stopped using the secondary for the most part. I was wondering if dry hopping in the primary would be a problem for any reason?

I’m interested in this as well. I’m in the same boat. And sorry to add to your question… But can the hops just be dropped into the primary bucket (no bag or anything)?

Theoretically, no, it’s not a problem. But you might want to experiment a but. After reading a recent Zymurgy article by Stan Hieronymous on the interaction between yeast and hops, I decided to split a batch and experiment. One half was dry hopped in primary and the other half was dry hopped in secondary. as he predicted, the batch dry hopped in primary had a much higher level of floral character, while the half dry hopped in secondary smelled and tasted more like the actual hops I used. I now use a secondary when I dry hop. But a lot of people don’t so you may want to find out for yourself.

Thanks Denny. Do you do anything else to try clear your beer that has been dry hopped?

Just time and cold temps.

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