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Dry hopping?

I’m brewing the Lakefront Fixed Gear American Ale. This recipe calls for a 2-stage fermentation and dry hopping for 7 days. Should I do the dry hop for the last 7 days of the 1st stage or 2nd stage of fermentation?

dry hop 7 days before you bottle. this can be done in the primary OR in the secondary. If you use a secondary, then do it in the secondary fermenter. if you Dont use a secondary, then do it in the primary fermenter.

just 7 days before you bottle

If you ferment in a carboy and dry hop with leaf hops, getting them in the bottle and removing them afterward can be tough. A bucket is a little easier to use for dry hopping. You should DH after primary and secondary fermentation. I leave my beer on the yeast for two to three weeks. Afterwards, I transfer to another container when I dry hop (in my case, a corny keg) and add the hops. Be super sanitary. I use aluminum foil as a temporary ‘lid’ when doing things with an open beer. I use leaf hops, so I use a little hop bag I made out of polyester curtain cloth, add the hops and a couple of sanitized stainless steel spoons to weight it down, tie it up with some sanitized dental floss (strong and clean) and leave enough to leave some hanging outside of the lid. I’ve only dry hopped for seven days.

Good luck!

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