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Dry hopping

Ive always used leaf hops for dryhopping, but can pellets be used?

Just seems like there would be hop particles floating through the beer.

Both can be used, but I prefer leaf for the same reason you suggested.

I generally put pellets in a nylon bag when I dry hop with them. I don’t think I’ve ever tried them without the bag so not sure how they’d fare that way.

I dryhop with pellets 95% of the time and don’t have any problems with floaters - with a cold-crash they’ll fall first, then the yeast will drop and cover them, making racking a breeze.

I’ve racked with pellets before and never noticed a big problem. Yes there are some bits in the first few glasses out of the keg but that’s really not a huge deal. It’s not like they are noticeable throughout.


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