Dry Hopping with no grain bag

New to this forum Ladies and Gents.

When dry hopping with whole hops, they just float in a big pile on top of my carboy. The bottom layer is saturated but there still a dry pile stacked on top not in contact with the beer. I dont want to use the grain bag/marble method and I know I am not utilizing all the hops that are in the carboy.

Any input is greatly appreciated.


Reading your post I’m not sure why you don’t want to use the bag/marble method? If you want to remove it you could use some dental floss, sanitize it and tie around the bag for later removal.

I use a sanitized bag, leave extra space because they will swell and you also want the liquid to move around a little, and weighed down. I use a 200g stainless steel weight in the bag.

Two options.

  1. Use pellets.
  2. Dry hop in a keg, where you can purge the headspace of air and then rouse the hops/beer to your heart’s content.