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Dry hopping Marblehead lager

Basic question is how much whole hops to add to the John Q. Adams Marblehead Lager kit? I’ve done about a dozen NB kits, usually following the recipe. I grew some Nugget and Cascade hops last summer, dried and froze them in Zip-loc freezer bags. I’d like to use them just because I can. I brewed the Marblehead according to the recipe (including all the hops) and it just went into secondary today. I’d like to use some of the home-grown hops, but don’t want to over do it and ruin the batch. I’ve read some posts and figured out I can just toss them into the carboy for a couple of weeks. Any ideas on how much to use, or should I not mess with it. Thanks, and I apologize if I didn’t find the already answered question.

If you’re just using them for dry hopping, you don’t need to worry as much about exact amounts as you would if you where using them for bittering additions. You just need to know how much of an aroma presence you are looking for in the beer. Anywhere from a half-ounce to 2 ounces is common.

However, I don’ believe lagers are often dry hopped.

Thanks. I’ll give it a shot. Am I understanding correctly that dry hopping will effect aroma more than flavor/bitterness? I appreciate the advice.

Yes dry hopping will add aroma, some may also perceive some added hop flavor as a result of the aroma, but it will not add bitterness.

Actually, Sam Adams DOES dry hop their Boston Lager…with Hallertau Mittelfruh hops from Germany.

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