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Dry hopping in secondary or keg

Which do people prefer, dry hopping in the keg or secondary? Also, do you use marbleS?

In the keg.

Either will work.

If you dry hop in the keg, you don’t have to rack before drinking.

1 gallon paint strainer bag in the keg. just suspend it with some teflon tape halfway down.

Lately, been dry hopping in primary after active fermentation has subsided.

Hi Guys, I dry hop in my kegs by putting hops in a muslin type bag and then of course will try to use marbles to put some weigh on bag so that it will be submerged with beer. After then I use sanitization process for at least 15 to 20 minutes before dry hop in my kegs by putting whole hops in a muslin bag with some marbles to weigh the bag down so it will be submerged within the beer.

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