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Dry hopping in new vessel

I have my second round of dry hops for our Heady Topper clone finishing up today after a 5 day exposure period. The beer and hops are currently in a keg. The hops on suspended in a bag attached to sanitized dental floss, so I have the option of removing and carbing the beer in that keg. I was flirting with the idea of transferring to a new keg (CO2 purged) and leaving behind any additional yeast.

At the risk of inciting a “secondary fermenter or not” debate, looking for some opinions on whether I should transfer again to a new keg. I’d prefer to lose as little beer as possible, and I find that when I force carb a keg with any yeast/trub, the trub comes out with each pour for way too many pours. On the other hand, we are going bottle most of this off the keg, so in that case, most particulate would settle to the bottom of the bottles. The current keg also has a straight dip tube that doesn’t pull of the concave bottom.

Wouldn’t everything settle out in the 2 weeks or so it would take to get properly carbed? Or are you speed carbing to drink as soon as possible? If it’s the second I’d consider the transfer.

yeah, at the risk of blowing off some volatiles and wasting some CO2, I’m not waiting 2 weeks to drink this. Will probably just transfer.

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