Dry Hopping in a Keg

I’m not sure if I thought of this or if I read about it somewhere, forgot I read about it and thought it was my idea…but either way, this is the way I will dry hop from now on. Stainless steel braid over the end of the dip tube. Works great!

Photo after transferring to the serving keg:


So, this actually works? That pic is a little small. Hard to see exactly what’s going on there, but it looks like whole hops in a keg. Yes? Have you actually done this with no issues? Looks interesting!

Yep, whole hops. Worked perfectly. Click the thumbnail to enlarge it.

I’ve posted a couple of times about using a braid in the keg. First couple of pints will have a little hop material and then the hops will form a solid bed and you’ll get clear beer all the way to the end.

How long does it take you to cash a keg? I don’t really care for dry hops in the beer for more than a week. Kind of gets that earthy, grassyness if it’s in there too long

I will defer the credit to you for the idea, then. Probably where I got the idea. A good idea is a good idea! Thanks Shade!

I should clarify that I have not used this to continuously dry hop a keg I am dispensing from. The idea is to use this as an alternative to dry hopping in a carboy. I have thought about the continuous dry hopping idea and am concerned it would eventually result in an overly grassy flavor. I may still try it some day.

As part of my SOP for every beer now, I rack from the carboy into a keg with a shortened dip tube where I add a fining agent and then cold crash for a week or so before pushing the clear(ish) beer into a clean keg that is used to carb and dispense. The idea is to reduce the amount of sediment in the serving keg. For dry hopping, I add hops before racking to the temporary keg used for clearing the beer.