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Dry Hopping during Primary

I am looking to make the T-Can & Bearcat’s Wheaten Beatdown Extract Kit and want to hop it up a bit. In doing some reading a few people suggest skipping the 2ndary fermentation and just keeping it in primary for 2 weeks instead of one. Would you recommend dry hopping during primary or not and if so what would you recommend dry hopping? I was thinking Cascade but am unsure of how much to do. Thanks!

After fermentation is complete and the beer has been sitting at 68F for a couple days to a week, I dryhop with loose pellets in the primary for another week or so, then chill it to ~35F for a couple of days to drop the sediment, yeast, and hops, then bottle or keg. Cascades are good for dryhopping - nice and bright.

I dryhopped that beer with an extra oz of Cascade and it came out delicious! Next time I’m going to use 2 oz. Like shadetree says, you can DH in the primary.

Sounds good. Did you also DH after the first week? I don’t think I will be able to drop the temp to 35F though, will that be a problem?

I brewed it on 7/8, dry hopped on 7/14, bottled on 7/19. I was rushing it a bit to get to drinking it and probably could’ve left it another few days. If you can’t cold crash it, that’s fine. Just be very careful when siphoning to not pick up any of the hop sludge. Dryhopping in a muslin bag (the bag you put steeping grains in) will help. Or you can tie the muslin bag to the outlet end of your siphon. Remember to sanitize it .

I’ve been DH in the primary for a while now and have been very pleased. Like Shadetree, I just toss mine in and cold crash when it comes time to transfer.

Thanks everyone. Maybe by the time it comes and I brew it it will be cold enough outside to cold crash it. If not I will bag it up!

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