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Dry hopping during fermentation?

Hello I hear an read about dry hopping during Active fermentation. What benefit does this have over other Methods. An also if one does add the hop’s during active fermentation how many day’s into the fermentation process would one add them an for how long?.

I do it about 10 days in. I like to do it before completion so to limit the chance of oxidation. The fermentation will help purge any oxygen that gets into the headspace. The little oxygen that is introduced with the hops helps keep the yeast going. That’s my reasoning anyway


I’ve read that some brewers of the NE style believe that dry hopping just after high krausen allows active yeast to interact/transform hop flavor compounds in ways that benefit aroma and flavor. It is said that different yeasts will do this to varying degree but that the typical strains preferred for the NE style are particularly good at this.

Interesting. I hadn’t heard that but I do it in my NEIPA just so I don’t have to put all my dry hops in the keg

Me just did some dry hops on the storm the bastille. And deathringer. Ale. Did check this morning. And some fermenting started again. Could be the left over co2 as well. Of course. But got some airlock activity going on.

Likely what you’re seeing is the CO2 that remains dissolved coming out as the hops created a nucleation site.

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