Dry hopping a belgian ipa

Is anyone opposed to this?

Belgian IPA is an amalgamation/twisted mixed-blood mutt of a style (that I love), so there really are no rules. You may want to use a hop/hops (and amounts of hop/hops)that won’t get in the way of (or at least, will compliment) some of your yeast phenols. Less is more. Probably Cascade as opposed to Centennial. Chinook as opposed to CTZ. Citra as opposed to Amarillo/Simcoe. You get the idea.

Hop away, Hoppenheimer.

I definitely planned on using a good deal of citra in this recipe

You can’t call it an IPA without at least 3 ounces of dry hops, at least in my book. Go for it. There’s no set style here, so brew to your tastes.

^^^^ this - it’s not a Belgian IPA without dryhops.