Dry hoping

First time using dry hops, is it normal for the wort to get a green head on it after I dumped my hops in the secondary.


From the title, I thought this thread was about something entirely different…

Yeah, that’ll happen if you don’t use a weighted hop sack. You can kinda give it a little shake to mix around the hops once every couple days. You may have to use more hops than the recipe specifies since not all the hops are in contact with the beer.


You’re mind’s in the gutter. But I respect that.

Sounded like folks in the PNW hoping it’ll stop raining. :slight_smile:

I will never grow tired of the wonderful humor I find here!


No man, it’s like when you hope for something really good, and it just turns out to be awful. Or dry humping. I don’t know, whatch you want from me?