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Dry hoping with home grown hops?

I am using my home grown hops to brew an IPA, and started thinking about the dry hop addition. How can I sterilize the hops from any wild yeast they picked up in the yard. should I freeze them before adding them to my beer? I do not want to compromise my beer by adding any wild yeast. what are your thoughts?

Thanks, Ken Z

Are you going to dry the hops first, or use them wet? either way, nothing needs to be done other than adding them to your beer. Hops have natural antibiotic properties. In addition, the alcohol and low pH of the beer makes it very resistant to infection at the dry hop stage. Dry hopping has been done for decades (centuries?) without sanitizing hops. I’ve used my home grown hops to dry hop more times than I can recall and it’s never caused a problem.

Thanks Denny for the info. I cant wait to dry hop :smiley:

I have roughly 4-5 lbs of dried hops a year I home grown. I’ve never had an issue using them for dry hops. Plus you get that satisfaction that you grew them and now their in your beer.

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