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Dry-hoping question?

Hello I am going to brew a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale Clone. My question is the dry hoping schedule it say to Ferment warm (ale temperature).Dry hop one week into does that mean a week after pitching the yeast I dry-hop this beer. Sorry I might of answered my owe question here but I though I ask you guy’s?

I generally dry hop a week before bottling.

You will want to wait until the bulk of fermentation is complete.

I usually dry hop this one about day 14. FG had been reached and there is still enough CO2 off gassing to scrub some of O2 introduced with the pellets but not enough CO2 to scrub the aroma oils from the hops. Usually do a 7 day dry hop then bottle.


I like to control my primary fermentation in a controlled environment… Hence the freeze-mentor… Then when its stabilized … I like to go to room temp… taste and check… then either rack to a keg and cold crash… OR add a butt load of hops and let it sit… a few days a room temp works… then rack… cold crash and enjoy quickly… I’m enjoying this schedule and making some wonderful brews… not even necessarily an IPA… EPA, Brown ales… just accents… Sneezles61

When I’ve done it it was about a week before bottling, but the guys at my local brewery told me all you need is 3-4 days. Apparently that’s when most of the flavoring happens.

I brew an all centennial ale and since I keg the DH goes in when it’s kegged and generally stays until the keg kicks. I’ve found as @sneezles61 says to give it a few days at room temp before chilling. Seems to improve the aroma from the DH. Sometimes I’ll add an ounce or two to the keg later on if the aroma begins to taper off…

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