Dry hoping in the keg?

Hello I am sorry if this has been ask before. But I never dry hop before the reason I asking about dry hoping in the keg is I don’t do secondary i keep my in the primary at fermentation temp for a few weeks. So my ? is how do I dry hop in the keg without clogging my dip tube an what the best temp to do dry hoping at should I do it at fermentation temp should I do the dry hoping at serving temp, room temp or what?.

I’m not a kegger so can’t directly answer your question about dry hopping in a keg. Have you considered dry hopping in your primary? I hardly use a secondary vessel anymore, but always dry hop in the primary.

When you dry hop in the keg put the hops in a paint strainer bag or pantyhose. Leave extra space for the hops to expand. You can dry hop cold or room temp, room temp extracts fast.

What I’ve been doing lately is dry hopping in the keg at room temp for three days and then putting it in the fridge to carb

an also what a safe material to use to tie my hop to the inside of my keg

me did try one time dry hop in the keg .i dont use cornelius kegs but heineken kegs did find out it ad flav to the beer . but it made my beer look cloudy .so i do dry hop in the second fermentor much beter result with the end product . and the bigest issue i did think it left particals in the beer line. so me not in favour of dryhop in the keg.

Just loop a knot in the paint strainer bag and put a few marbles in it. It won’t sink to the bottom unless you really weight it. Kind of floats in there. That’s how I do if anyway and havnt had one get sucked in. I didn’t cut off my dip tube either which may cause a problem.

I have a couple of spice balls. Something like this http://www.amazon.com/Jumbo-Spice-Ball-Herb-Infuser-3-1/dp/B000ROGNQO They even work with pellet hops and won’t get stuck in the dip tube.

I had a mesh bag get stuck in the dip tube and it was a horror story. After switching the gas QD to a liquid I blew the bag out of the tube. Switched everything back and the bag promptly got stuck again. Finally I let off all the pressure and fished the bag out.

Let the bag float. It will diffuse fine without sinking it

I used to weigh the bag down with marbles but the spice balls sink on their own.

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I use dental floss tied around the strainer bag then let sink to the bottom. then pull up about 4 inches and seal the keg then tie the end of the floss around the handle. Forgot to mention weigh it down with sanitized marbles.

Spice balls ends all the problemos. Simple, easy to use. Put one, even two ifn you care, leave at room temp fer a week, then, chill and pressurize it…. and don’t forget to drink it! Sneezles61

No problem with the keg sealing with the floss under the O ring? Oh and don’t forget to use that tasty floss before brushing after it is done in the keg.

When I dry hop, I’ll use a hop bag which I’ll hang with a piece of Teflon tape (slip the free end out the lid under the o-ring, it won’t impact sealing) so it can’t drop more than halfway down. That prevents the bag from getting stuck at the dip tube. No need for marbles, the hop flavor will diffuse fine if given at least a week or so.

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No problem whatsoever, I like the flossing aspect of it.

sounds great that way. but been thinking why not use a hopshot and than pressure the keg ?

not sure what a hotshot is….oil from the hops? Sneezles61

do think so oil