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Dry hop

My next keg I would like to dry hop. Do you leave the hop bag in or take it out after a week?

I leave it in the whole time.

Same here. Some people will suspend the bag with teflon tape or dental floss tucked under the lid. I just drop it in.

I suspend the bag with Teflon tape so it has the ability to hang about 3/4 of the way down. First time I dry hopped in the keg I just dropped it in, and I had problems with the bag blocking the intake tube when it got down to the bottom. The tape doesn’t interfere with the ability of the lid to seal.

That makes more sense than taking it out which what I read some people do. If I wasn’t going to tap the keg for awhile I might consider removing it. Does it change the flavor over the month or so that it takes to finish the keg. I might like that.

In my experience, dry hopping works great with pellets in a bag for the duration (up to 6 months). I have not had such results with whole hops though. I tend to get a grassy, cloth type taste which I find undesirable when using whole hops.

I use my own grown hops to dry hop. They won’t be in for that long maybe a month. I’ve been using them in my fermenter and taste is great. I guess I will experiment.

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