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Dry Hop

Hey guys,

Through in an oz. of dry hop pellets. It has been 2-3 days now, and they are laying on top similar to how moss would look. Should I just let them be? Plan to dry hop for 10 days. Or should I give it a little swirl to see if they will sink to the bottom? Advice appreciated. Thanks.

  • Jeff

I typically pitch mine in and don’t even look at it again for about 7 days; so not really sure how long they float. I think you will be fine to leave them alone or give a slight swirl; but I would not worry about it too much, they will sink.

Note - I typically cold crash my dry hopped brews before I rack to a keg as well.

Actually I’m always trying different things, but I swirl the carboy 3-5 times a day to get the beer over the hops to extract the oils. I truly believe this helps extract more flavor than just letting them sit there.

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