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Dry hop when?

I brewing a Sierra Nevada clone and I was given dry hops cascade when do I at these?

after primary fermentation is totally complete. 7-10 days before you bottle

i would give it a couple too 3 weeks in the primary. then add the dry hops. then bottle 7-10 days later

Wow you saved me I have the wort chillin’ and would have added it tonight. Does the amount of time you ferment matter when you add priming sugar to carbonate?

it does. but more in terms of several months, not weeks. i don’t think you will have any issue carbonating, when the time comes

Should I use a muslim bag for the dry hops?

you can if you want. be sure to sanitize it beforehand

You have no idea how grateful I am that your here. I hope I can do the same in the future thanks for being here and helping.

when you bottle. in a few weeks or a month. be sure to give the bottleing bucket a gentle stir every 10-15 bottles, to ensure the priming sugar solution gets evenly distributed and mixed in

Thanks my first batch was flat on some and I broke a couple bottles. I’ll get a few good bottles but its a crap shoot.

Also fill a soda bottle. Squeeze the air out and cap it. The bottle will expand as CO2 is formed. No need to wonder what is happening in the glass bottles.

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