Dry Hop when kegging the NB Black IPA Kit

Whats the best way to do the dry hop when kegging the NB Black IPA kit
Instructions are for bottling and say to add the hops 5 days before bottling

If I add the hops to the secondary carboy and then keg, I’m sure it will end up clogging. Would it be best to put the hops in a bag inside the keg? If they stay in the keg will it be too much hop taste? (versus settling in the secondary and likely having most of the hops stay with the siphoning)

I could bottle this batch, but I really don’t want to…

Thanks in advance…

No need to bottle the batch if you have a keg. Many people do dry hop in the keg by using a sanitized hop bag; I just did this with a double ipa I made. Also I have not noticed any grassy flavors for having the dry hops in the keg.

You could dry hop in the secondary then transfer to the keg or skip the secondary and dry hop in the keg. The choice is ultimately yours but either one will work.


I looked at the recipe. With 1 oz of dry hopping I’d just throw them loose in the secondary. When you hit about 4 oz you need to think about bagging.