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Dry Hop Question

I want to brew a huge IPA. I’m talkin’ a punch to the face with hops type of IPA. Something similar to Stone Ruination IPA.

My questions are: How much hops for dry hopping, and for how long?

What are the best techniques for getting the best possible hop aroma?


Dry hop with as much as 4 oz of leaf hops, loose in a keg. Put a SureScreen on the dip tube. Keep this keg at cellar temps. Sample the keg daily until the aroma is where you want it, then put it in your fridge and serve.

Thanks for the advice!

If you are concenred about the hops being exposed to the beer for a long time, you can do a keg to keg transfer with a jumper to get the beer off of the dry hops. i sometimes do this, but haven’t seen any adverse affects from leaving the beer on the hops.

I’ve actually been wondering this too. I usually dry hop with 2oz of leaf in my IPA’s and APA’s. I am now starting to keg and was wondering if I could just dry hop right in the keg and leave the leaves in there for the entire use of the keg? Or is there a chance they turn bad and f-up the beer?

they won’t turn bad.
People will tell you they will impart grassy or woody flavors but I have never experienced this. I get grassy flavors at the BEGINNING of the dry hopping period, not at the end. It fades after 2-3 days.

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