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Dry Hop Only IPA

I’ve been making IPA’s for 6 years now.

One of my favorites has been dry hop only.

Nice clean ferment on a 5 gallon batch.

Two dry hop additions, 3 days apart. 6 ounces total.

Perceived bitterness - yes
Flavor / aroma - ABSOLUTELY!


Hard to imagine an IPA with no kettle hops - how does this compare in bitterness to a commercial IPA?

care to share your recipe?

86% domestic 2 row
4.5% munich
4.5% C 10 or Carahell
2.5% wheat
2.5% Honey Malt

3 oz Amarillo (3 days)
3 oz Citra(3 days)

This is interesting…So how long do you boil due to no additions?

I do a 20 minute boil to kill lacto on the grain, and add whilfloc and yeast nutrient.

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