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Dry Hop Mold, maybe

Good Morning everyone,

Over the weekend I finally bottled a batch of IPA I made. This was my first use of my homegrown hops (mt hood I think). I used about 2 ounces of pellet cascades for bittering at 60 but the rest were whole leaf from the garden, including 2 oz or so of dry hops added to the secondary. Things got busy and the hops sat there for 2 or 3 weeks I think.

I finally got some time to bottle over the weekend and I saw what I thought was mold all over the surface! Have a look at the picture. After looking more closely, it wasn’t actually little growths of mold all over the surface, but rather bubbles that had formed. The surface of the bubbles was cloudy though, so I wonder what it really was. Anyone had this before?

I had read that this could be co2 bubbles forming within hop oils. I racked from underneath the hop layer and the beer tasted just fine so I bottled it anyway. Hopefully it’ll be OK. Next time I figure I’ll either be sure to dry hop for less time or get the hops into a bag with a weight so they stay under the surface and don’t make a surface where mold can so happily grow. (or both).

So, anyone run into this before too? Am I stark raving mad for figuring I can drink this beer?

Drink it fast and you should be fine. Nothing can live in beer that will hurt you.

Does not look like mold but does look like a pellicle from a wild yeast or bacteria infection. These might be from the hops but it is not very likely.

I have the same thing growing on a Nut Brown Ale.


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