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Dry Hop in keg warm?

Just did this a couple of days ago. My normal method is to put leaf hops into a hop bag with a sanitized SS fitting hanging by a piece of dental floss and put it right in the fridge on the co2. I didn’t have room this time and just hit with 30 psi and set it in kitchen for a couple of days. Does anyone dry-hop in the keg warm before going to the fridge and if so what are your results?

That’s my process. Dry hop warm for up to 10 days & then into the kegerator, with the dry hops. You’ll get a lot more aroma dry hopping warm. Chilling it slows that process down a bunch if not completely. That’s why I have no issues with off flavors after it’s chilled. Cheers!!!

About the same process I use…Dry-hop in warm keg, then remove hops and chill/carb. I’ve had off flavors when I dry-hopped with a “serving temp” keg.

IIRC, every 10 F cuts dryhop time in half, so if you’re dryhopping at 40F it’ll take 8x compared to 70F, where it takes about a week. I like to dryhop at 68F for 7-10 days, then start chilling and carbonating.

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