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Dry Hop in Keg - Happy Accidental Cask

I dry hopped in the keg for the 1st time using the Stainless Brewing Dry Hopper. Beer had dropped clear. OG: 1.045. FG 1.011 with WLP002, 5% carapils, 15% munich so I figured it was mostly done. I did not cold crash. I just transferred directly to a CO2 purged keg so some yeast did get transferred. After 1 week of hopping at 68F, I cold crashed to 32F overnight. There was still alot of CO2 being released when a toggled the valve tonight so I attached a party tap. Sure enough, beer is pretty well carbonated.

I brought a sample to RT and waited it to degas to check the FG. Still at 1.011.

Is this a common occurrence? I would have thought the FG would have changed at least. Def natural carbonation as the bubbles are smaller than normal.

When I’m dry hopping a batch, it is my SOP to transfer to a keg (usually after 2 weeks) and dry hop for a week at room temp. It has been my experience that the beer is moderately carbonated after dry hopping, but not enough to relieve me of the need to force carbonate.

You might be rousing CO2 out of solution during the transfer, in reaction to the hops (a nucleation site if you will), and possible moreso if you rouse the keg when keg hopping like I do.

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