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Dry Hop for Shining Star Pale Ale

I’m making 10 gallons of the Shning Star this weekend and was planning on dry hopping each 5 gallon carboy with different hops. I wanted to see what hop varieties people think would work best.

Post the recipe and you’ll get better answers (or at least more informed). :wink:

I’ve brewed this one several times, and my favorite dry hop for it so far has been galaxy. I’ve tried cascade as well, but the bright citrus of galaxy does well.
Following the recipe as is, after adding the 0 min I’d whirlpool for 30-40 minutes before chilling…this will give you a ton more aroma as well.
The times I haven’t dry hopped this helped out.

Shade, here’s the recipe … aleAle.pdf

Looks like a tasty APA. Anything citrusy or piney ought to work for a dryhop - haven’t tried Galaxy yet but it sounds like it would be good. Couldn’t go wrong with using Columbus and Centennial in the dryhop either.

I would definitely go with Columbus as one of the dry hops. Columbus is just plain awesome, and it’s already in the beer so go for it.

For the other fermenter I’d go with something fruity and/or citrusy. Are there any hops you’ve really been wanting to try? This would be a good chance to check them out. Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Citra, Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Rakau, Motueka, Calypso, Falconer’s Flight, Zythos, etc ad nauseum. They should all be perfectly fine.

If it were me personally, I’d do 2oz of Amarillo and 1oz of Citra.

Thanks for the ideas. Depending what I can get at my LBS, I think I’ll try Columbus, Galaxy or Falconers Flight.

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