Dry Hop Dead Ringer w/ Wet Centennial Hops?

Hi All - I have a Dead Ringer extract batch that seems to be exactly on track; racked after 2 weeks, 3 weeks in the the secondary, now ready to dry hop.

Today we are about harvest a large amount of beautiful Cascade hops from our backyard vine. They’re just right and smell terrific.

The dry hop recipe calls for 1 oz Centennial, which I have. But with just-picked hops on hand what do you think of using 5-6oz of these Cascade hops instead, or, in addition to the Centennial?

Is this going to produce a muddy mess, or is it an experiment worth trying? Its only good luck that I have fresh hops and a batch needing dry hopping the same week…

Looking for suggestions…

I don’t have a lot of experience in using wet hops in beers, but I would think you would want them boiled for at least a minute. Not sure if dry hopping is the best application of them.

IIRC wet-hopped beers are typically made with a normal bittering addition, then huge amounts of late hops (like the amount you have for one addition).

Having done it, I would not recommend dry hopping with wet hops unless you have a love of chlorophyll.