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Dry hop and amber ale

just finished my very first brew last friday may 4th. i am interested in dry hopping with some cascade hop pellets when i start my secondary fermentation. i have never done this before . could someone briefly tell me how to do it,how much hops etc… thanks very much.

Throw hops in secondary.
Add beer.
Close secondary.


Or just dry hop in the primary. Instructions:
Open primary.
Throw hops in.
Close primary.

An ounce is nice. Two is better!


First, turn off your capslock. :wink:

Second - throw your hops into the secondary fermenter and rack your beer on top of it. Let it sit for around 7 days, then bottle it up. If you want to limit the amount of hop sediment, you can put them in a hop sack first, then put it in your secondary. Or just throw them into your primary and don’t rack to secondary… your choice.

*** wow… someone beat me to it… ****

[quote=“dobe12”]An ounce is nice. Two is better![/quote]+1 And there’s no need to YELL! :wink:

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