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Dry heather honey mead

Hi, I’m fairly experienced brewer but first time mazer in search for a little feedback on a first mead recipe. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Heather honey for an OG of about 1.104. Ferment dry with K1V to give an ABV in the 14-15 range. Add DAP and Fermaid K staggered either as suggested by Ken Schramm in the Jamil show or in only to steps as suggested by Lalvin – will probably go with the four step approach, just to have an excuse to look at it every evening. Add about 1 oz. french medium toast oak to primary to give some mouthfeel and a little oak to it. About three weeks in primary, then a couple of months bulk ageing in secondary before bottling.

Will this be ok or what could I do to improve on this idea? Any feedback is appreciated.

Where are you from? I have not used Heather Honey before, so I’m not sure on the properties of that honey.
IMHO I would keep the gravity around 1.090.
Are you set on the K1-V yeast? Its a great yeast, but not my first choice.
Nothing at all wrong with the oaking and I highly recommend the staggered nutrient feedings.

Thanks for the comments. I am from Denmark and we have local heather honey so it is reasonably accesible.

Not at all set on K1V but figured a more neutral yeast would leave more room for the (expressive) honey. I am very open to suggestions.

Out of curiosity – what do you consider the benefits of starting around 1.090 rather than 1.104?

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