Dry dock vanilla porter mash temps

So far it’s been a not so awesome brew day…and turns out I mashed in the mid 160’s…grains smell a little scorchy…should I just dump it and not waste any time on boiling…or will it be ok?

A little high yes but AG is more forgiving than you think. Did you do an iodine test to check for conversion?

If it is still in your MT just add some cold water or stir until the temp drops into the 150s. 160s shouldn’t scorch the grain.

Had the five gallon kit…decided to turn it into a 3 gallon kit after dumping some of my grain on the floor…and knocking over my copper tail free dive all over the counter…and mashing too high :slight_smile: . Ended up at 1.056 as I didn’t use any of the lme…used all distilled to rule out some water problems I might have…hopefully she turns out.