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Dry Dock Breakwater Pale Ale (AG) hop Q

I have looked at this instruction sheet in my hand & online it tells me the 30min hop addition is .2 oz???

If this is the correct amount then Im gonna use.3oz as First Wort Hops…

I would follow the recipe for the 1st time. Make changes on subsequent batches if you think it needs adjustments.

Damn it! Thats just what I was telling my co-brewer concerning splitting the bag of grain into 2…So we will heed the instructions…

I brewed this a couple weeks ago and if I remember correctly my sheet said it was .5.

We have hit the OG on the nose, the american ale wyeast was hard at it with in 2 hrs, no big krausen just lots of bubbles!

this single infusion AG brewing in a bag although longer is way more interesting than extract!! we will do the American Wheat AG next for Friday the 13th part 3!

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