Dropping the Tripel kit on the Dubbels yeast cake

Dubbel had an og of 1.060…krausen has mostly fallen in 1.5 weeks…yeast was just slightly over pitched…but only slightly. Tripel is spec’d out at 1.076…will I need to add more yeast when I add the Tripel to the cake? If so what should I add? Original yeast was Wyeast 3787.

That cake is more than enough yeast for your tripel.

Yup, I just pitched a trip onto a patersbeir yeast cake (WY3787) and it took off like a rocket. You’re good, IMHO.

I’d pitch directly on it after racking the dubbel. I wouldn’t get in too much of a rush on it though…give the double about 3 weeks on the cake before you rack it off IMHO

I harvest 375 to 400 ml of clean yeast from my fermentors. Volume of yeast is after one week of compaction. Conservatively estimating 2 billion cells per ml, that is 800 billion cells. You would have sufficient yeast if you only used one-half of the yeast cake.

  • to all above, I’ve had medium>big Belgians go 3-4 wks. primary to complete attenuation and finish.
    You will know the diff, also 6-8 wks. or more aging. Cheers…B.C.

Dubbel will stay in primary for at least 2.5 more weeks…going to brew the tripel the morning of bottling…get it cooled and ready…rack dubbel to bottling bucket…and then rack tripel to primary…thanks for all the info!!!

If you’re a basketball fan, you’ve gotta name this one “tripel dubbel”

Good luck!



[quote=“Frenchie”]If you’re a basketball fan, you’ve gotta name this one “tripel dubbel”

Good luck!


Nice…Frenchie with the assist!!! :cheers:

Brewed the Tripel on Friday night…cooled it and let it sit in the kettle until Saturday night due to schedule. Measured OG was 1.068…instead of 1.076 even though everything went well during the boil aside from having to change LP tanks. It’s coming up on 20 hours in the fermenter with no activity…aerated and dropped 70 degree wort on the cake. Snagged a smack pack this afternoon just in case.

I have never let wort sit that long before measuring OG…any idea why it’s so low?

Maybe after setting, the wort stratified a bit??? Just a guess… :cheers:

Most peoples efficiency goes down as the gravity goes up.

[quote=“gdtechvw”]Most peoples efficiency goes down as the gravity goes up.[/quote]For all grain usually although 8 points is quite high, but if it was an extract kit/recipe and he hit the correct volume the OG should be spot on. If it was the latter I’d say some of the sugar settled out overnight.

It was extract…at 26 hours I got some krausen going though :slight_smile:

Just tried my first tripel…needs another week or two…tastes more like a dubbel than my dubbel does.